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Posted by Tropics Support on 11 February 2014 11:43 AM

How does Tropics Software handle feature requests & suggestions?  Let us explain ...

Tropics is a comprehensive workers' compensation policy, billing, and claims management system used by dozens of carriers, self-insurers, and other organizations accounting for hundreds of users around the nation. That means we receive a lot of great feedback, suggestions, and wishes from customers.

Unfortunately, this means we cannot say 'yes' to every request. In fact, in many cases we are unable to provide a response or timeframe to each feature request. However, we do read all of the feedback and suggestions sent to us, and prioritize feature request based on a number of factors.

We want to be transparent about the way we handle feature requests, so have outlined how we handle feature requests below.

Feature requests in general

  • You are invited to share your feedback and suggestions in the "Wish List" sub-forum for the respective product at
  • We do not implement features based solely on their popularity - we take a number of factors into consideration, while popularity is an important one it is not the only one.   Benefit to the business, value to the end users, risk, scope, and many more all play a part.
  • We publish the release roadmaps in the Tropics Community to help our clients know what's around the corner.  We do not publish a long term roadmap as things are always changing and we rely on our ability to be flexible and nimble in changing times.   We are always glad to discuss the direction we are heading, and will always be open and honest about the direction the product heading.  Your participation and influence will surely impact our direction as thrive on satisfying our clients mutual needs which allow them to operate more efficiently and be more profitable!

Making a feature request

We routinely review the wish list suggestions made on the Tropics Community forum. The forum is the proper place for suggestions and is where they gather popularity and evolve as ideas.  Your participation in the forum is valuable in our understanding of important items and is the best method to share ideas with us to improve the software.   We encourage our clients to have all of their staff users created accounts in the forum & participate.

  • Before adding a new wish list item, it's a good idea to search the forum to see if someone else has requested it. If you like the idea, reply to the existing post and give it a thumbs-up. 
  • To add a new wish list topic, simple start a new thread via the "Ask a Question" button within the forum.
  • Important! If you have a feature that just can't wait, then please request a Proposal for Enhancement from our support team (the forum is not an appropriate place for critical issues nor time-sensitive requests)

Tracking feature requests

  • When we decide to implement a feature request (suggestion), we will add a reply posting to the original request and prefix the thread title with "[Accepted]".
  • When we schedule a feature request, we typically will note the target version for release as a reply to the topic and mark the thread as "[Closed]"

What goes in, what stays out

We take into account a number of factors when deciding which feature requests to implement. This is a combination of feedback from our customers, Tropics experts, our own market research, the availability of our own team and resources and how the feature fits in with our long-term product plans and strategy.

What doesn't belong here?

The "Wish List" is a great place for ideas big and small, however it is not the right place to be negative.  We do moderate this forum, just as do all forums, and will work to keep this a positive, up-beat place where we can share ideas and honest thoughts.  Afterall we're in this together!


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